Shallow, Vertical, Conventional, Stacked Pay Oil Prospect in Wyoming

Laris Oil & Gas, LLC (“Laris”) is seeking an operating partner for a Wyoming exploration oil prospect that targets a shallow conventional sandstone that can be exploited with relatively inexpensive vertical wells (approximately $500,000 per well). The first well will be drilled in Q2 2020 up dip of an overlooked producer with live oil shows in cuttings.  The trap is defined by 17-miles of 2D seismic data and 6 subsurface control points.

Laris’ mapping identified more than 100 locations to drill with the following individual well economics assuming a fixed net realized oil price of only $40 per barrel:

IP = 60 bopd
NPV10 = US$2.2 million
IRR 86%
Payout 15-months

IP = 150 bopd 
NPV10 = US$4.8 
IRR 243%
Payout 6-months

A shallower secondary objective also has live oil shows in cuttings and excellent log response in 3 overlooked producers within the prospect closure.

A confidentiality agreement is required to view the full technical presentation. For more information, please contact Laris at (303) 204-0429 or